Reparation Crusaders - About the Pilgrimage

Our pilgrimage to Knock will extend close to 240 km (150 miles) over the course of six days from April 26 to May 1. We are undertaking this as a pilgrimage of reparation, seeing in the apparition at Knock and the figures there present guides and patrons for those issues which are most pressing in this day and age:

  1. St John – Patron of the Priesthood
  2. St Joseph – Patron of the Universal Church in a spirit of silence and contemplation
  3. Our Lady – Patron of Sanctity of Life and the Family
  4. The Lamb – The honour and glory of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Taking these as our patrons on this pilgrimage, we desire to pray and repair for all offenses committed against these things. As part of our reparation, we will be stopping at different monastic ruins along the way to pray and, where possible, offer Mass, beseeching God to repair the ruins of our day and age.

We regret that we are unable to have people join us physically on the pilgrimage this year, but that does not mean we want to do this on our own! Hence, we ask you to make this pilgrimage and crusade of reparation with us through the options below. Through the Pilgrims by Prayer or the Pilgrimage Guild, you can participate with us, share in the spiritual treasury of the pilgrimage, and make reparation with us!

Pilgrims by Prayer

Help build up Our Lord’s spiritual army of adorers and repairers by enlisting in our Knock Pilgrims by Prayer!

We know that we need more than just seven monks to perform this work of reparation, but since we can’t have people physically join us this year, we have created the Pilgrims by Prayer enlistment as a way for you to participate in our pilgrimage of reparation to Knock. By enlisting in the Pilgrims by Prayer, you will be pledging to pray with us as we walk to Knock.

There will be no divisions or ranks (unlike the St Michael Auxilium), but all will have a single prayer booklet that we will send to you with prayers for the morning and afternoon of each day of the pilgrimage. Of course, should the prayers be too much, we do not want to deter you from signing up, and so simply ask that you commit to one or more of the prayers each day if all of them are too much. In either case, you will be united to us and share in the full spiritual treasury of the pilgrimage.

Though no donation is required, if you also would like to offer an alms as another way of joining our ranks (or to help us cover the cost of printing and posting the prayer booklets), we have provided this as an option. Booklets will be sent out at the beginning of April, so if you would like to receive one, please sign up before April 10. For those who sign up after April 10, we will email you the booklet.

Pilgrimage Guild

The Pilgrimage Guild is the principle way that we will be interceding for you on our pilgrimage to Knock. Mass will be celebrated each day for you and your intentions, and the brothers will keep you in their prayers as they walk to Knock.

Enroll yourself and your loved ones and submit prayer intentions by clicking the button below and allow us to bear you with us to Knock. As with the Benedictine Eucharistic Guild, there is no specific donation required for enrolments and you are free to give as much or as little as you like. Thank you!

If you would like to enlist in the Pilgrims by Prayer as well as enroll in the Pilgrimage Guild, you are more than welcome to do both!