The Benedictine Eucharistic Guild

The Benedictine Eucharistic Guild is the principle way by which the Monks of Silverstream are able to intercede for you and your intentions. Those enrolled in the Guild enjoy:

  • Two Special Masses Weekly: One offered for the living members, the other offered for the departed, where the members of the Guild and their needs are the Mass Intention.

  • Prayers at Our Other Masses. Our priests often mention the Guild daily in the Canon of their own Masses, and the Monks intend to bring the intentions of the Guild to each Mass at which we assist.

  • A Share in the Spiritual Treasury of the Monastery. A daily participation in the celebration of the Divine Office, in the Monks’ Eucharistic Adoration, and in our other prayers.

  • Prayers from the Monks. The Monks voluntarily offer prayers for those enrolled.

The names of the living and deceased members of the Guild are carefully kept by the monks.

How Long Does the Enrolment Last?

Enrolment lasts for one year from the date of enrolment unless another time period is specified at the time of enrolment.Note: Except for the Perpetual Enrolment Cards (see below), all the enrolments cards say: “enrolled for one year” on the inside.

Is It Possible to Enroll Someone Perpetually?

Sometimes there are special reasons why you want someone to be a member of the Benedictine Eucharistic Guild indefinitely. Perpetual enrolments are available upon special request.

Is there a Suggested Donation Amount?

There is no specific amount required for enrolments, but many find it useful to have a suggested donation. You may give less or more as your means allow.

Suggested donations:

  • (Yearly) Most people give €10 per person, group, or family enrolled per year requested (€10 for 1 year, €20 for 2, etc).

  • (Perpetual) The average amount given is €250 per person, group, or family enrolled. However, some give more or less as their means allow.

Enroll Someone Online

To enroll members online, please follow this link, where you can donate via card or PayPal and provide us with your mailing address, your donation, and the full names (Christian / baptismal names being preferred to nicknames) of those you would like to enroll in the special field provided. Please place a plus sign (+) before the name of each departed person.

The red arrows in the image to the right show where you can enter the names in the PayPal interface.

Enroll Someone By Mail

If you prefer to use regular mail, you can send us the names of those who you would like to enroll, your mailing address, and your donation to this address below. Also, please feel free to download, print out and fill in these enrolment cards, one for living members and one for departed members. Otherwise, please indicate the departed by writing a small cross before the name.

Benedictine Eucharistic Guild
Silverstream Priory
County Meath
K32 T189

Request an Enrolment Card

To receive an enrolment card, please request one of these designs specifically at the time of enrolment.

You should receive an e-mail confirmation that we are sending the cards. If you do not receive a confirmation, please let us know using the form below.

Standard Enrolment Cards—Clockwise: ‘Per Ipsum’ (For the Living), ‘Gratias Agamus’ (For the Living), ‘Gloria Patri’ (For the Living), and ‘Requiem Aeternam’ (For the Departed).

Other Enrolment Card Designs